Co-Pilot II LT System Combo 2

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The new, lower cost CPII LT systems are fully-operational flight stabilization systems. They have all of the features available in the original CPII systems except that they do not include the IRNet Programmer or IRNet Router. Programming is done via the FREE "Co-Pilot II Display Software". Pre-flight weather check, as well as system error messages are provided by means of the new CPII Go LED. This information is available at the blink of an eye and provided in real-time via the Go LED's 3 super-bright LED's. CPII LT Combo 2 includes the vertical sensor which will allow automatic and continuous, in-flight weather calibration, the added intelligence of having the aircraft always recover from inverted flight to level flight by rolling the aircraft, and access to all 3D flight modes. CPII LT Combo 2 does include the FUIM3 PC USB interface which means you will be able to access automatic firmware updates using a personal computer running Windows operating systems, and you will be able to program and access all features of the CPII using your Windows based PC.

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