Cellpro Multi4S Adapter GP/KO

Interconnects any 2s to 4s Great Planes or Kokam battery pack to the Cellpro 4s chargers. This adapter also supports a number of other manufacturer's balance connectors.

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PACKS SUPPORTED 3E, Air Thunder, Align, BatteryHobby, CommonSense RC (v1), CommonSense RC (v2), DN Power, DualSky, Dynam, E-flite, Energy EC, Electric Power, ElectriFly, Esky, Fully Max, Graupner, Grayson Power, HexTronik, Hobby City, Imax, Kokam, Kong Thunder, HiModel, Mega Power, NEU, ParkZone, RadicalRC, Rhino, Robbe, X-Caliber, Tenergy, Turborix, Turnigy, VampowerVenom, Wow RC, Zippy-R This is the Most popular adapter board as most packs are fitted with the JST XH or EH type of connector which this board adapts to.

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